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Denim Richard Outfits As Seen On Yellowstone

Denim Richard is an actor who plays the role of Colby Mayfield in the famous Western TV series Yellowstone. Colby is a ranch hand on the Dutton ranch, who works under Rip Wheeler. Colby is a strong example of cowboys who work on ranches for a living. He is seen doing handiwork on many occasions throughout the series. From wrangling cattle to other tasks such as fixing fences or even fighting off enemies, Colby is an essential part of the Dutton ranch. All these aspects of his personality are shown off in his choice of clothes. As he is heavily involved with work all over the ranch, Colby is seen wearing jackets and vests that are highly practical. Jackets like the Yellowstone Colby Cotton Jacket help in keeping him protected from weather elements, while also acting as a companion of work.